Flow – The actual volume of fluid that passes a given point per unit of time

  • GPM = Gallons per Minute
  • LPM = Liters per Minute
  • PPM = Pounds per Minute
  • ACFM = Actual Cubic Feet per Minute
  • SCFM = Standard Cubic Feet per Minute

Viscosity – The measure of how freely a fluid flows

Reynolds Number – A dimensionless number which describes the flow characteristics within a pipe

Accuracy – The difference between an “indicated” value and a “true” value

Repeatability – The ability to reproduce the same measurement each time an exact set of conditions are repeated

Turndown – The ratio of the max flow to the min flow that a flowmeter will measure within its stated accuracy

Rangeability – The measure of how much the range of a flowmeter can be adjusted without major modification