New ForceMeter 3-Wire Flow Meter

Spartanburg, SC –Niagara Meters is proud to announce the expansion of the ForceMeter flow meter product line. The ForceMeter uses proven strain gage technology to sense the force of the fluid in the flow stream. The ForceMeter line now includes an option for a 3 wire meter for additional powering options.

The new 3 wire meter provides turndown up to 20:1 and a backlit display option to increase the readability in many environments. This flow meter line has further increased its application flexibility. The 3 wire model is also HART compliant and FM approved for hazardous locations. Standardize your plant with one meter, for many applications.

The ForceMeter offers a rugged design for which the Niagara Meters brand is known. The ForceMeter is ideal for applications including water, compressed air, gases, super-heated steam and saturated steam.