1005 Pulse to DC Converter

Model 1005: Pulse to DC Converter

The 1005 amplifies and conditions its input signal to create a sharp, clean square wave. The square wave becomes the input for a voltage-to-frequency (v/f) converter which has an analog voltage output. The signal is then used to control a 4-20 mA current source. The current output is proportional to the pulse rate of the input signal. It can be used with a local indicator or transmitted over long distances with little loss in accuracy.

  • Can be calibrated for a wide variety of frequency ranges; at the high end, the maximum is 5000 Hz full scale
  • Settings customized at the factory; setup and calibration are needed only if something is changed later within the system
  • A minimum distance of 18 in. (46 cm) is recommended for easier installation
  • Aluminum enclosure